The Making Of Expo - Keef Williams

The Making Of Expo

The Making Of Expo

I’ve been compelled to capture the little moments of everyday beauty, documenting life as it happens.

This “life through the lens” approach helps me stay connected to the world I see, and the one I want to see. In all aspects of life what goes on behind the curtain, the unseen and hidden efforts; the mechanics of that that is presented has always intrigued me, and along the way has helped me develop my documentary style of photography.

My exhibition “The Making of” features some of the imagery I’ve captured as a Set and Still photographer on the sets of these Dutch productions.

I will be presenting photographs captured in front and behind the camera. Both I find equally beautiful.

Exhibited at Sociale Verzekeringsbank van Heuven Goedhartlaan 1 Amstelveen.

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